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“Just have to say that I LOVE this workout and am so excited to start the challenge tomorrow! I have never been good about keeping up with a workout routine, especially after having my first son, but with this, I can have my little one with me (and he sleeps!!) and my 2.5yo playing next to me either in the house or we do it at the park and he’s just happy as a clam and thinks I’m hilarious, lol.”

~Elizabeth D’Angelo (Guam)

“The children I nanny for like to wear their babies, pandas, elephants or whatever else they are playing with that day and do the workout with me! They are so cute doing the workouts with their mini chairs for the dips. and the 5 year old wanted to know why my son wasn’t sleeping like the baby in the video.”

~Mich Conway (New York)

“I just wanted to thank you! You are such an inspiration! I’m so excited to have won, one of the free downloads! I started my babywearing workout journey today and before the warm up was done my daughter was already out cold! It’s easy to do yet I was sweating my butt off. Awesome workout!”

~Tabatha Beggs


“The workout is easy to follow and for all levels. Your body will feel it! You work all of the muscle groups and are left feeling a whole body rejuvenation. I love to sweat when I workout because I know I’m working hard and flushing the toxins out of my body. And wow, this workout made me sweat! Read more

~Kat G. MomeeeZen Blog


“The video starts out with some handy wearing tips and eases baby into the moving groove. I am especially fond of how she modifies mid movement to adapt to her child’s needs. The workout is simple enough, the benefits coming from getting you up and moving and the continued weight resistance as your baby grows. None of the movements are jarring or difficult. Read more

~Jennifer W. True Confessions of a Real Mommy Blog


“Bought the DVD on my ipad yesterday!!!!! Love it!! I did it right before his nap time!!! Good bye prego weight!!! I’m super excited for the challenge!”

~Alicia R.


“After doing the Babywearing Workout for a week, I lost two pounds. Considering it’s the holidays, and what I’ve been eating, that’s definitely a success! I don’t know if I truly had more energy, or if the workout was a placebo effect, but I felt better about myself, and that made me energized. Read More

~Elisebet F.  My Life: A Work in Progress Blog (Virginia)


“Just did my first workout and this sounds cheesy but I teared up at the end because I’m so happy to have found a workout that has a tender side to it! My son and I both loved it. He was smiling through the whole thing.”

~Mary Ashton-Toth (Toronto)


“My little one is 2 years old tomorrow, probably about 30 pounds. I have had serious back/shoulder pain for a year that has progressively worsened – ongoing chiropractic care is helping minimally. I won (!) the download of this workout and didn’t think I could do it. I watched Kelli in the intro and thought we’d give it a try. We’ve done the workout 3 times now – starting for 15 minutes and gone a little longer each time. My shoulder/neck pain cut in half after the first workout! I know I’m out of shape, I have no specific weight loss goal in mind, I just want to be strong to play with my daughter. I think months (years) of cosleeping & breastfeeding with minimal range of motion caused my muscles to revolt! So, thank you Kelli Roschak and here’s to everyone feeling great!”

~Jeri Thurber (Nebraska)


“8 months pp and my hips still feel disjointed. This is one reason why I haven’t stuck to an exercise program. I can feel them get back in joint as I do this work out. That and I feel my back getting stronger. I can’t wait to feel normal again.”

~Ginna Marie (New York)


“I’m a first time mom of my handsome son, 3 months on Sunday! last time I weighed him, he was 13 pounds! I gained about 40 pounds during the span of my pregnancy and I lost almost all of it already, 5 more pounds to go! My goal is to lose 20 pounds during this and hopefully I can stick to it! My son never lets me put him down which means I never workout, but this is seriously the perfect way! I finally got time to do the workout tonight and it kicked my butt! I can honestly say I haven’t worked out in years and this felt amazing! this will most likely become our new nighttime routine since my little man is sound asleep! Thanks Kelli for doing this!”

~Julie Leighton (Washington)


“This was a better workout than I was expecting.  I loved that I was able to get a good workout in which I normally have trouble with because Maggie wants to copy me and Charlie wants to be in on the action as well.  I look forward to being able to do this workout almost daily, and love that Maggie and Charlie get to see me working out too.  I also really like that you can incorporate these moves anywhere you go. Read More

~Shannon Stubbs Mommy of One and Counting Blog (Minnesota)


“I attempted to do the workout with miss 21 months today … got her “ready” and excited enough to stick it out for about half of it in the Ergo. She even kept saying “funny” when we did dips and other moves that giggled her about. She then did some of it next to me and was pretty good at mimicking the “momma” on the screen. Kelli and Kayla are so cute and you can tell what a special bond they have and such a happy, sweet baby! Love it! Can’t wait to attempt again tomorrow.”

~Sherry Aramini (North Carolina)


“Been trying to take it easy after my c-section. We did the video today and it was hard. My toddler was trying to copy me and thought it was a game. I feel so good though and it’s been a few hours. This is gonna be our after nap workout.”

~Kaydee Holt (Oregon)


“I have to say that after doing the workout a couple times now my favorite parts are when you have us kiss our babies and at the end where you tell us to enjoy our babies. ♥”

~Megan Holmes (Alabama)


“I just have to say how much I love this workout! I have never been keen on exercising. I have been blessed with a fast metabolism most of my life so never felt the need to exercise (even though I know its good for your health not just to lose weight blah blah blah) but after carrying my 9lb 3oz baby I needed to do something to get back in shape. Every other exercise I have ever done has left me feeling like crap and tired which they say shouldn’t happen….they say you should feel energized, I never did so I just stopped doing it. Well, this exercise really does leave me feeling energized! I can’t believe it! Even Naomi (my daughter, 5 months old) loves it. She relaxes in the ergo and is asleep by the end and this child does not like to be worn in general. The workout is easy and gentle but you can definitely still feel it working. I just absolutely love it and am so thankful I found it! :)”

~Shannon Gentry (Maryland)


“Baby Caedon, Ady and I all did it today! And Ady was so excited to wear her little dolly on her again (and kept wearing her for a long time after!). It’s a great work out Kelli, it’s fun but tough! It feels awesome to work out again, I have missed it! And Caedon went right to sleep and I was able to get a lot of cleaning and cooking done while he slept on me I’m so thankful you shared this experience with us, I kept thinking there’s got to be a way to work out with your little in a carrier, I just couldn’t figure out how, so thanks”

~Christine Caris


“Day three and baby girl was asleep by the end! Thank you for solving the nap time struggle.”

~Kristi Truette


“Last night, after doing the workout w/ my 3 y/o, I catch her “doing” it with her baby. So darn cute. She was trying to do all the parts she could remember. She can’t wait to do it again. This is gonna make it easier to stay with it.”

~Charlene Connell (Texas)


“Just got my DVD today and did it for the first time- it was great! I have to say my favorite part is you. It’s so nice to do a workout video featuring a regular mama who looks strong and healthy, not a scrawny woman who appears to have never had a baby. My 2 year old loved doing it with me as I wore my 14 wk old and asked to do it again right after we finished.”

~Bridget Brooks (Chicago)


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