Wearing your baby from the time she is born at least until her 1st birthday is the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable way to lose the weight you gained while you were pregnant. I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy and by her 1st birthday I had lost 70 lbs and I attribute a large part of that to babywearing! Your everyday activities can turn into a great way to burn extra calories with the extra weight of him on your front or your back while you’re doing them….the dishes, laundry and grocery shopping can all be done wearing your baby! Just taking a walk to the park using your baby carrier instead of simply pushing a stroller will turn it into an extra calorie burning session. He will also love being close to you and getting to see everything that’s going on from your same level.

6 weeks and 11 months postpartum

6 weeks and 11 months postpartum

If you were to start a conventional weight loss work out plan your trainer would have you start with lighter weights in strength training and slowly increase the weight over time as your body gets use to them. Well, your baby is a genius fitness trainer because she naturally will do that for you. As your body adjusts to carrying her around she grows and gains more weight to up the ante of your workouts with her. Awe… she is so smart….yes the smartest baby in the world!! She helped you gain all of that weight and now is going to help you lose it too!

This DVD is a short 30 minute exercise video you can do in the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to leave your baby with someone else and pack yourself off to a boring gym. Your baby will love being snuggled up close to you as well as all of the movement and music in the background. You will get a great little workout to help you shed those pregnancy pounds and if you are anything like me hopefully you will lose more than that! Oh and there is a BONUS PRIZE….your baby will most likely fall into a deep slumber by the end of the workout! Moms you can agree with me that that is priceless and worth every dollar you spent on this DVD and the carrier you are wearing him or her in. 

Now what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!



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It’s important that you are using the proper baby carrier for this workout. 

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